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Trip Issues

I was involved in an accident

  • Date of accident
  • Where did the accident occur
  • How did the accident occur
  • Were you in the vehicle
  • Was anyone treated by an ambulance officer
  • Was anyone injured or hospitalised
  • Was a vehicle towed from the accident
  • Accident photos

Review my fare of fees

My driver took a poor route

  • The rout was longer than necessary
  • My driver took a wrong turn or got lost
  • My driver did not follow my directions
  • We encountered traffic or road construction

My pickup or drop - off location was wrong.

  • Pickup Location
  • Drop off Location
  • Were there extra stops on this trip ?
  • If there were extra stops on this trip lease mention
  • Additional details about this trip

The route had heavy traffic

Trip time and route distance can be impacted by heavy traffic, road construction or other external factors, We are unable to adjust fares that are higher than usual due to any of these reasons. Quikways fares are calculated in part by a base fare + time and distance rates. A trip can be longer than expected due to events beyond your driver's control. This can contribute to a trip fare higher than your app's fare estimate or a previous fare for a similar route.

We do our best to help riders and drivers get where they're going as quickly and safely as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding that fares may vary.

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  • I paid a toll or parking fee for my driver

When your driver's vehicle passes thought a toll, the driver is charged for the toll, and the toll amount is automatically added to your fare to reimburse the driver. If you think you've been charged for a toll when you driver didn't take a toll road, or if you've been charged twice for a toll, please let us know below.
Toll Location.......
Any other details ...........

My driver made an unrequested stop.

A1 rides fares are calculated by time and distance. When you're on a trip. we understand that you wouldn't expect the driver to make unplanned or unrequested stops along the way.
If your driver made a stop during this trip that increased your fare or travel time. we will be hapy to review. Provide some into below
Location of stop ............
Wait time ....................
Additional details ................