A1 Rides for business

Travel Soloution for your employees

Be it a drop to the Airport, a ride to your client, visiting your various business partners or arranging pickup-drop for your employees, let us manage

all your travel needs rather than you worrying about your employee's commute. Get the best

of ride experiences to the people in your organization with A1 Rides TRIP business travel solution.


A ride for every occasion, as per your business need.

Point-To-Point Travel

Travel conveniently in city with our hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs

Outstation Trips

Let your employees go on site visits, factory visits or an upcountry tour, we can take your employees anywhere; even for off-sites

Exective Rentail

Book customized rides with multi-stop and wait option. Ideal for executives visiting various places in the same ride.


Airport Trips

For frequent flyers or your guests, get Meru advantage of airport pickup and drop service.

Employees Pickup and Drop

Convenient daily commute for employees traveling on fixed route, alone or in a group.

Events / Bulk Bookings

Events, celebrations or conferences, we can manage your group bookings, guest pickups or any road travel requirement in bulk.


How it work?

Book a ride

Select your destination and the type of A1 Vehicle you'd like.

Track Your A1 Ride

Track the arrival of your A1 Driver on map in real time.

Arrive Safely

Reach your destination in a comfortable ride.

Get an e-bill

Track the arrival of your A1 Driver on map in real time.


Instant feedback, helps us to serve you better


Let's get you en-route

With a wide range of A1 Cars to choose from
Book a A1 Rides Trip on our app

Tap to book now or later

Tap "Book Now" and within seconds your ride will be at your doorstep, or simply choose "Book Later" to pre-book your ride in advance.

Know your driver

Get all information about your driver - the photograph, phone number and A1 car details, as soon as your A1 car is booked.

A1 Rides Pay

Add money to your mobile-wallet and your fare will automatically get deducted at the end of your trip. Go Cashless!


More choice with great pricing

Book pocket-friendly rides – Ride a Sedan, Hatchback or SUV. Want to ride locally or take a break and go on an outstation trip? Well, some exciting offers await you!

A1 Rides Track

All eyes on your ride as it reaches you within the ETA.

Insta Alert

In case of any emergency (ICE), an alert will be sent to your loved ones.


Passanger App


What our driver-partner says


Required Documents

New South Wales

1. Insurance Documents
2. Certificate of Roadworthiness
3. Driving License
4. Police Certificate
5. Vehicle registration

Western Australia

1. Driver Accreditation Certificate
2. Vehicle Licence
3. Certificate of Insurance
4. Certificate of 3F Motor Injury Insurance


1. Insurance Documents
2. Driver Licence
3. Vehicle Eligibility Documents
4. Police Report