App interface indicates location of your ride, instant confirmation of requested ride, tracks ride & driver details make it one of the easiest app used in the town.


With verified drivers, good response time and better service along with safety & comfort which makes riders more than happy with the services they get.


A1rides offers the lowest fare prices among the other services in the town, pay your fare in cash or directly through the app by electronic payment mechanism.


    A1rides is the best and easiest way to get your ride. Finding and requesting your next ride is made simple with A1rides. It features a destination estimated fare calculator with arrival time of your driver. A1rides screens drivers to provide you with the best service possible. It makes a great case for an amazing alternative.

  • Create Profile
    Sign in using your smart phone.
  • Search ride
    Tell us where you need to go.
  • Find ride
    Get connected with driver.
  • Take ride
    Be seated and enjoy your ride.
  • Pay and review
    Pay for ride and rate your driver.